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Hello, Hackintosh.


As the title suggests, I did it.

I realized that I actually liked macOS a lot more than I thought. I used to shit on it for a whole while, but I've never given it a fair chance.

I finally crossed out of the test period and put it on my main SSD, which I find pretty satisfying.

I used to put things like this in the about page, however I feel like that page should stay about the subject of the page, me, while the blog should be about what I think about/what I am doing.

I used to switch OSes so often I just needed to keep updating that part of the page. I don't wanna do that anymore.

This little OS switch also made me switch to Ethernet, which I can now announce as the superior alternative to Wi-Fi.

Anyway, the page is hitting 100 commits from the Github migration, which is actually quite a lot, but considering how I used to spam about 20 commits per day just to change one CSS variable, I'm not that surprised.

What's in the new update?

And what is that for you? Saved bandwidth. That's about it. Yeah, small shit, but fuck developers that make sites filled with megabytes of JS frameworks, it's ass.

I feel like the blog has become a changelog for this site, which isn't ideal. Let's talk about my other projects!


Pretty much this. I abandonded everything else other than my site. Why? I just didn't feel like continuing everything else. It may be due to the lack of feedback I receive on them, which is honestly my fault, I don't advertise my shit at all, I just make it for people to find, and people aren't really looking... I would like to work on something new, however I don't have any ideas popping up in my head. Sad!

This entire idea drought just fills that void in my time with stuff that just isn't productive at all, like Minecraft, or YouTube videos. Ever sadder!

Okay, changelogs aren't really going to work. Let's try talking about things in my life.

Well, as my about page used to state, I don't really do anything in my life. It's kinda empty, and whatever I do I'll share with my friends, not just type it out in a blog. I don't really care about Yandex and Bing reading my life stories.

So, I stated that I liked politics, how about a political blog, you know, the one Stallman has.


I talked about politics on this site enough, if I went any farther this would be banned off Github.

So, I feel like this blog has stayed silent for a long while for a reason. There is just nothing to talk about. The last time I actually made insightful commentary on here was the CoC fiasco. So, for a bit, it was a political blog.

I don't know, if maybe by some chance I get some ideas for projects this blog will be resurrected out of obscurity, but as it stands now, it'll be kinda gay.

And to end, let's bring back a little mini-series, last seen in October

Yes, it's cool tools. This one is small tho. I didn't make this one anyway.

I know there are some folks that patched Mojave onto HD3000 and under iGPUs and have some dogshit graphical glitches, where the colors become muddy and sometimes unreadable.

Well, somebody made a tool for you. Download it and use it. This thing fixed up my hackintosh and I can't be any happier with it.

This blog post was sponsored by - Swinsian: The best music player for macOS. Okay, not sponsored, I just use it, it's really good. I feel sad that it's not that popular. Try it. Also, fuck cmus.

Mon, 25 Mar 2019 00:03:00 +0200

Finally an update after Christmas


Welcome to the new and updated site!

Okay, it's not THAT updated.

It's actually still the same, but with a new background and color scheme.

I think these will be quite the only changes to the general layout (for a long while anyway), because I'm satisfied with where I am right now.

The new color scheme is called blueish-shitfest, the new background is a piece of art that I made while messing around in Photoshop for 2 minutes.

Standalone blog files don't look like ass now, I learned that lb is actually quite fucking terrible at generating HTML. By default that garbage put the footer outside of the body, first world problems, but this ain't it chief.

Also, remember when I made like 3 posts on the Linux CoC thing?

Well. Linux is shit, welcome to 2019. Version 5 is slower than ever and distros keep failing left and right. So if you believe that you were betrayed by your most-liked operating system/kernel, it's time to make a switch. I know I did.

I recommend FreeBSD, it's actually quite a powerful system and does a lot of things similar to Linux, it also has the system base and packages seperated, so you can have a stable system AND up-to-date applications, Debian can suck my left nut.

However, FreeBSD has its balls clamped by its idiotic CoC, which got railed on when it was released, but now the Linux users can't talk shit. Also, its software/hardware support is lackluster. Software isn't as bad as hardware, but some things are straight up missing or outdated. So, it's your choice.

Also, macOS is a real option, it's the one I chose, it has quite a few standard UNIX elements, but also professional application support that no other UNIX(-like) can match. It technically doesn't have a CoC, like Windows. I guess my opinion on it can be shortened to this - I like the product, but I hate the company.

Thu, 14 Mar 2019 23:17:48 +0200



2018 is gone!

It was a pretty nice year afterall, at least for me personally.

Some dumb shit went down at the second half of it, but overall it wasn't that bad.

I learned quite a lot, in programming and in general. I feel way more confident than before, if you wonder how bad I was, just look in the archive... shit haunts me every nightmare.

Anyway, 2019 will be the last year of this decade, let's hope it won't close horribly.

I don't have any plans or New Year's resolutions. In fact, I don't plan my life ahead the 3 minute mark. There is no point, live in the present, not the future.

Wed, 02 Jan 2019 23:47:09 +0200